Master of Unlocking: The Different Types of Door Handles

Ok, so you’re sprucing up your household accessories. You’ve modified the taps in your bathroom; you’ve fixed up your new cupboard accessories; and now you’re looking to find the perfect door handles. Ah, now there’s a potential minefield – and you didn’t even know what you were wandering in to.

Finding the perfect door handle for your doors isn’t just a simple case of picking out the prettiest colour, or the one that matches all your other door handles. That’s because different types of door handles perform different functions. And no-one wants a bathroom handle on their front door, right?


So today we’re going to be checking out the various types of door handles. There are, typically speaking, seven major door handle designs for you to choose from, so let’s start with…


Lever Latch on Backplate

Hunt around your home and it won’t take long to find a lever latch handle on a backplate. Lever latch doors are usually designed for doors which don’t require a lock – or at least, not an internal lock. That makes them ideal for bedroom doors and the like. They operate with a tubular latch or box latch which grants access.


Lever Lock on Backplate

A lever lock door handle is, as you might expect, pretty similar to lever latch styles, except for one vital difference. Can you guess what it is? That’s right. It’s got a lock. Lever locks have a keyhole beneath the handle, which operates a sash lock. So they’re perfect for back doors and secret cellars hidden behind the bookcase!


Bath Set on Backplate

Guess where you’ll find this particular handle. If you said the bathroom then you win. Bath set handles may look similar to the lever lock, but rather than requiring a separate key, comes complete with its own turn and release locking mechanism.


Privacy Set on Backplate

The privacy set on backplate almost seems like a combination of both the bath set and lever latch designs. Like the lever latch, it works with a tubular latch; as with the bath set, there’s a turn and release section below the handle. However, there’s no separate lock attached to privacy sets – turning the knob simply prevents the handle from being pushed down and opening.


Lever Latch on Rose

Not all door handles are set against a backplate. Those handles that are connected to a smart, circular plate are known as levers on rose. And as you can imagine, those, too, come in a variety of types. For those who don’t require a locking mechanism, you can get a lever latch on rose which operates via the classic tubular latch.


Lever Lock on Rose

If you require locks, but also fancy the rose design, then this is the design you’re looking for. The door handle appears the same as the lever latch, but the lock itself is separate. The sash lock is linked to the escutcheon, which is fitted just below the lever.


Bath Set on Rose

The rose backing for levers, of course, even extend to the bathroom set. Much like the lever lock on rose, the door handle is separate from the lock. And again, the escutcheon is found below the handle itself, but rather than a keyhole, it features a twist-and-lock style mechanism.


So there you have it – the seven most common door handle types available. So the next question is, which one takes your fancy?


When it comes to types of door handles, the two main factors you need to be looking for – function and design. Where are they going, what are they to be used for, and how do you want them to look in your beautiful home? We can certainly help when it comes to that. Here at the Door Handle Company, we specialise in everything from cupboard furniture and electrical sockets to door handles, knobs and door signage. Getting more information about our incredible range of products is easy. Simply contact us on 01254 670 087 or use our online contact form, and a member of our team will be delighted to assist with all of your enquiries.

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